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  5. "Ta polévka je dobrá."

"Ta polévka je dobrá."

Translation:That soup is good.

September 13, 2017



the tts seems to turn the v in polévka into an s sound. Is that right?


VK is a group of consonants. The pronunciation is therefore determined by the second consonant. And because K is an unvoiced consonant, V is also changed to its unvoiced partner - F. Proper pronunciation should be "poléfka" (it is also kind of what the tts says, or at least I hear it).


The “v” in polévka sounds like an “s.” Is this correct. If so, can someone explain why.


If you have problems with our TTS you can check https://forvo.com/word/pol%C3%A9vka/

There is no "s" in there.

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