"Kdo na mě čeká?"

Translation:Who is waiting for me?

September 13, 2017

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Why is "kdo na mne čeká" not correct, please ?


I THINK your version also should be acceptable, unless your original sentence had something else in it that DL didn't like. But if you get this exercise again and "kdo na mne čeká" is rejected, you might want to use the Report button. It may be an overlooked alternative.


A year passed and "kdo na mne čeká” still marks as an incorrect answer :(


Why mě, not mne?


I am pretty sure she says "na mne", yet this doesn't count for the correct answer.


She say "na mě" which is pronounced /na mňe/.

"na mne" is pronounced differently /na mne/.

There is also "mně", which is pronounced exactly the same as "mě", but is used in the dative and locative case.


why is "mě" the third here? does the preposition "na" have higher priority in that case?


You can never separate a preposition from "its" noun (or pronoun or phrase).

"na mě" is second, it's a single syntactical unit. If it was "na toho chlupatého psa" (for that hairy dog), it would still be a single unit (nominal phrase), and "psa" would be no less in the second position within the clause.

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