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  5. "Kdo na mě čeká?"

"Kdo na čeká?"

Translation:Who is waiting for me?

September 13, 2017



Why is "kdo na mne čeká" not correct, please ?


I THINK your version also should be acceptable, unless your original sentence had something else in it that DL didn't like. But if you get this exercise again and "kdo na mne čeká" is rejected, you might want to use the Report button. It may be an overlooked alternative.


A year passed and "kdo na mne čeká” still marks as an incorrect answer :(


We have no such report. Use the report button instead of implying anything about the time passed.


"Kdo na mne čeká?" is definitely accepted. Based on the exercise edit date, it has been accepted for at least a year. But, as VladaFu says, we have no report for that sentence, so we can't tell you why it may have been rejected for you.


Why mě, not mne?

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