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Revisiting the Checkpoints

It would be good to review lessons at the checkpoints, but once you have passed a checkpoint, you can only review lessons individually or by small subject area. Being able to review at the level of the checkpoint would be better.

September 13, 2017



Hi AV,

you can use the "strengsten skills" to train what you learn. It's a good opportunity to repeat what you learn and you get also new sentences sometimes.

regards Angel


A great idea, AVk1Er!

I like to strengthen individual skills in which I'm still weak, so I wouldn't want that option removed. But checkpoint reviews would provide an intermediate level of review, giving us the opportunity to cover a more select range of material than we can with the general "Strengthen Skills" exercises now, which can throw anything at us that we've studied in the entire tree (plus some we haven't...) It would offer more practice in a section of the tree. Repetition is invaluable!

Kudos for thinking outside the box.

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