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  5. "jiné děvče"

"jiné děvče"

Translation:another girl

September 13, 2017



What is the difference between děvče and holka?


They are synonyms. Just pay attention to the gender - děvče, even though it means a girl, is neuter.


děvče / dívka are more formal than holka, but all mean "girl".


This is saying that "jiné děvče" translates to "another girl." I was under the impression that "další" means "another/additional" and "jiné" means "different", and that jiné and další were not interchangeable. Can somebody help clarify this please?


I have it arranged in my head this way: While both jiný and další can be translated as "other/another," jiný carries the sense of "different" but další carries the sense of "additional." If context is available, it is usually clear which is meant. For this sentence, where no context is given, both are accepted.


It might help to think asking for another cookie is not the same as asking for a different cookie.


There is some overlap. Depends on the context. Jiné and další can be sometimes interchangeable although they are not the same.

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