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Learning Japanese?

I'm mainly learning Japanese because I love anime. Anyone else? Also Chinese food for the rest of your life or Mexican? And for Japanese learners who are as obsessed as me. If you could go to Japan would you leave? Me? haha, nope! Comment ^^

September 13, 2017



I don't really like anime all that much, but I'm half Japanese and have family who cannot speak English, so I'm learning for that and because I'd like to explore the countryside around Kyoto city.


Nice. We need to be friends. lol


Chinese food. Nope, I really don't like anime, but I know MANY people who absolutely LOVE it :) I'm learning Japanese just for fun :)


Why don't you like anime? T_T waaaaaaaahhhahaah dying


Anime is really weird, and it's really overrated. No offense Anime fans, but everyone has their own opinion.


OMG T_T.........whyyyyyyyyy!

[deactivated user]
    1. Yep. I love anime too. ^^
    2. I would rather have Chinese.
    3. I would definitely take a vacation to Japan but I wouldn't move there.


    YA Anime BUDDY! lol. Chinese food is amazing but I'm torn.


    I'm mainly learning Japanese because I love anime. Anyone else?

    I really like anime. However, I started watching anime because I was learning Japanese, not the other way around.

    Also Chinese food for the rest of your life or Mexican?

    Neither, I'm not a big fan of either. I like Japanese and Italian food better. For the rest of my life, I'd go with Japanese.

    If you could go to Japan would you leave?

    I do actually plan on moving to Japan at some point in the future, so I guess, but I would like to go on a vacation there first.


    Take me with u. I promise I can fit in one small suitcase.


    I never considered learn an Asian language given its difficult and big difference from the western languages(at least not more than seeing somethings of chinese "for respect"), but I got an addiction in anime, and I already like Japan of its culture too, so it ended up making me decide to learn japanese xD

    And here I am. I am giving my best to learn this awesome language :P


    YA! JAPANESE ADDICT Highfive and there's actually a Japanese festival where I live and I so want to attend.


    yea , i realy love watching anime and reading mangas so i am trying to learn it but it's rly hard... are you in any group chats here for japanese learners i would rly like to speak to an english talker and learn japanese together ^_^


    I have a club called Bestfriend. Code: PV7S4H...and if you have Instagram: Your_Kitti


    and one more thing , for those who are learning korean...how?? korean isn't avbailable ight now...right??


    It's available on the app

    1. Maybe I'll visit Japan in the future
    2. I'd like to watch anime without sibtitles
    3. some more reasons (Japanese is beatiful, it can help to learn Chinese, I'll be able to read Japanese books and watch Japanese films). But learning Japanese with a duolingo course isn't an effective way for now


    Well I hope you enjoy it so far. AND SAME I WANT TO WATCH MY SHOWS WITHOUT SUBTITLES! Lol. I hope as you get in depth with learning, you'll understand the awesomeness of this app.


    I've learned English so I can speak it now (but I'm not fluent, maybe you can see). Duolingo had helped me to start learning, and then I tried another ways. In Japanese I'm beginner. I had tried to learn Japanese with duolingo, but realised that without type questions I'll learn nothing.


    What's your native language?


    A good friend of mine is Japanese so why not learn it, right? Easier than asking google every time you have a question :b

    Also Chinese hands down


    LOL, hahahaha. Cool


    Anyone who added me as a friend from this THANK YOU! That's so nice. I appreciate it.

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