"Já tě tady nedržím!"

Translation:I am not holding you here!

September 13, 2017

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Could "I am not keeping you here" be an acceptable English translation, as in not holding me physically but still not allowing me to leave?


I believe it can. Edited


not sure if I understand what this sentence means in Czech - in english it implies fairly literal holding such as I am holding you in jail or I am not holding you (in my arms) rather than keeping you from getting on with something which would be holding you up .

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    Like as in "Am I being detained?" ;)

    Actually though, I think this is meant as an annoyed response to someone complaining about something, eliciting a response of "well no one is forcing you to stay here" (with the unstated implication of "so just leave").


    I think that "I am not holding you up here" should be acceptable too.


    Opinion (native AmE): For me, the English "I am not holding you up here" can have several meanings.

    It can mean (1) I am not robbing you (which is actually what comes to my mind first); (2) I am not keeping you "up here," e.g., in the sense of not making you stay on the roof, when you want to go back inside where it's safer; (3) I am not standing "here" and holding you up in the air (for instance, talking to your child, with whom you are playing and actually holding up in the air).... at least.

    I can sort of imagine someone using "I am not holding you UP here" with the meaning "I not making you stay here when you don't want to" or even "Fine, go ahead an leave, I don't need you here, anyway" -- but those are, to me, a bit of a stretch. (JOOP.)

    It will be interesting to see what others think -- especially what the course team members think, based on what the Czech sentence can support.


    I said, "I won't keep you here". What is the difference between "I am not holding you here" and "I won't keep you here"? Would what I said be translated, "Nebudu tě tady držet."?


    One is present, one is future. Yes, "Nebudu tě tady držet." would be a correct translation.


    Is "I cannot hold you here" a valid translation?


    Native AmE opinion, FWIW: Your suggestion may be closer to "Nemůžu tě tady držet"... but I could, of course, be wrong. :-(

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