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"Goed, dank je."

Translation:Fine, thank you.

1 year ago



Dankje is like thanks. And dankjewel is like thank you. And when u use je it means u said it to your close friend or family the same age. Some people that just met or strangers said Dankuwel. It is matter of manner. Hope it helps u. :)

6 months ago


Is there a difference between dank je and dank je wel? One is thank you, the other is thank you well?

8 months ago


No they're both thank you

4 months ago


Other sentences take "dank je" as meaning "thanks", but this sentence doesn't. It counted it wrong and said it should be "thank you". Is there a reason for the inconsisten?

4 months ago


Why is it not Good Thank you ?

1 month ago