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My Thoughts After a Few Weeks (suggestions included)

I haven't finished it yet, however, I will say it is good for beginners. My issues are having to repeat things I know already, for example; the kana. I would love the option to test out of having to repeat things you know already and have an option in your settings to check off remove kana testing for those who can read hiragana and katakana.

As well as adding in speech recognition and giving the option to opt out of seeing anything in romaji. Also, allow for someone to write out their own words from their own keyboard into Japanese without needing to choose from a list which does great for recognition, but not for remembering it from memory. I have Google Keyboard in English and Japanese.

Also a lot of mistakes in there, they'll have 一人「ひとり」in the translate the sentence to Japanese, or in other areas, and it will be read separately and not together, which the auto will say いち ひと not ひとり or は read as ha not wa when as a particle, and many other mistakes.

September 13, 2017


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