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Top Ten: Romantic Languages (Poll)!

Hello Everyone! So, today I was doing some web surfing and I came across this site called, The Top Tens and the subject was about "Top Ten Romantic Languages" (here's the link) - https://www.thetoptens.com/top-ten-romantic-languages/

Anyways, I thought it would be fun to do our own Top Ten list!

So first things first; If you are willing to participate, you are going to have to make a Top Ten list of the languages that you think are Romantic from 1-10!

Next, describe why you chose those languages to be in your top ten and then we'll go from there.

In order to make this work, we are going to have to make a deadline... so the deadline will be next week on September 20, 2017. I really am hoping that there will be a large amount of participants so that when we post the results it won't be so limited.

Anyways... Thank you so much for taking the time to do this I really appreciate it and I hope you will have a lot of fun doing this as well! Please, be kind and no rude comments. Thanks!

The Results have been posted! Here is the link: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24530634

September 13, 2017


  1. Czech - it sounds very beautiful when spoken. My all time favorite language in terms of beauty.

  2. Italian - the sound of Italian is amazing! The language of the Renaissance, famous music, ah...

  3. Romanian - Romanian sounds like French spoken with a Slavic accent. It is very pretty!

  4. Irish - Irish is one of my personal favorite languages. The sound is mesmerizing.

  5. French - it sounds very regal and pretty. I like how consonants at the end of words aren't said: it puts an interesting sound into it!

  6. Swedish - it sounds very awesome! I like the sounds of the letter å and the blend fj. Very pretty language!

  7. Japanese - to me, Japanese is one of the most romantic languages when spoken. I love the sounds of the letters and how the words are said.

  8. Portuguese - I love the sound of Portuguese! Especially Brazilian Portuguese. I like the sounds of the different words.

  9. Dutch - Although the pronunciation might seem a bit weird to a beginner, it is actually very logical and has a beautiful sound to it; almost like music.

  10. Finnish - I don't know why, but the sounds of the Uralic languages appeal to me, Finnish and Estonian very much so. Very marvelous language!


My Top Ten Romantic Languages are:

  1. Romanian! 100% Love this language sounds so romantic especially when you say, "Te Iubesc"
  2. Italian - Another favorite of mine sounds like a beautiful never ending song
  3. French - Defiantly deserves a place in the top 3 after all it is the language of love
  4. English - Not a romance language but sounds romantic when necessary
  5. Spanish - Very fast spoken but also can be mellow and soft
  6. German - Most people typically refer to this language as aggressive but it can sound romantic
  7. Japanese - Sounds like the romantic language from Asia
  8. Greek - Ancient romantic language to my ears
  9. Hebrew - Pretty cool language I think it can sound romantic
  10. Hawaiian - This defiantly sounds like a romantical get away language, if you know what I mean


1: Brazilian Portuguese!

2: Russian.

3: Spanish

4: Italian.

5: Romanian.

6: French

7: Swedish

8: Japanese

9: Vietnamese

10: Chinese/Korean

This isn't in order, because I couldn't decide, but Brazilian Portuguese definitely is at the top. I just love the way it sounds, like music :)


Brazilian Portuguese and Welsh are tied for me! But do you speak Portuguese, my friend?


I wish! Nope, I don't. I'm planning on doing the tree when I finish Spanish though.


In my opinion the most Romantic Languages are...

  1. Romanian - It sounds super romantic, I love listening to it
  2. Sicilian - I don't know why but the first I heard it I was intrigued
  3. Irish - Oh I love their accent sounds very lovely
  4. English - It's my native language and I can't live without it
  5. Spanish - I hear it quite often and it sounds very nice
  6. Chinese - I think it's the most romantic language from Asia
  7. Finnish - Sounds smooth
  8. Latin - This is the language that made the romance languages so it has to be romantic
  9. Russian - I think it's the most romantic slavic language
  10. Arabic - I thought I'd add it because I know that the Spanish language has some Arabic influences

  1. Spanish! I love Spanish. It's my native language, and my favorite too, probably. I love going to Mexico, I love the food, I love the culture, I love the people, and I love the language.

  2. Romanian. Listen to Dragostea Din Tei, it's beautiful. It's like a Slavic person speaking broken Portuguese. I'm not too knowledgeable about Romania and Romanian culture, other than there be vampires.

  3. French. Before I embarked on my German learning journey, I was trying to learn French. I'd still be learning it if I hadn't fallen in love with German. I'd love to visit France someday.

  4. Portuguese. Before German, but after French, I tried learning Portuguese. I still speak quite okay Portuguese. The language sounds so much like Spanish. I'd love to visit Brazil someday.

  5. Italian. I've never thought too much of Italian. But I love the way so many words end in a vowel. I can understand a lot of Italian due to my knowledge of Spanish, French, and Portuguese.

  6. Persian!

  7. Ukrainian!

  8. Norwegian!

  9. Japanese!

  10. German! I'd probably place it higher since I'm learning it, but "Ich liebe dich" doesn't sound so romantic compared to "Te amo" or "Je t'aime".

I rated the romance languages as the top five most romantic, oh well! :)

  1. Spanish
  2. Brazilian Portuguese
  3. Russian
  4. Polish
  5. English
  6. Swedish
  7. Italian
  8. Hungarian
  9. Ukrainian
  10. Romanian


1- Italian: Maybe because it's mother tongue? I don't know XD but it's melodious :)

2- Spanish: I like Spain and Latin America! Sounds Amazing!

3- Japanese: I love this language! Sounds Awesome!

4- Norwegian: Sounds beautiful!

5- Danish: Sounds pretty!

6- Finnish: Sounds Cool!

7- Polish: Sounds great!

8- Romanian: Sounds weird...no no wait! I didn't say it is bad! But romanian has something mysterious :) nice!

9- Dutch: Sounds cute!

10- Chinese: Sounds lovable!


Do you mean Romantic as is Romance languages or languages that express romance well? Could it be any top 10 languages? Clarification, please ☺


The most romantic sounding languages in your opinion. Doesn't necessarily have to be the Romance languages


Oh, thank you! ☺


1.Welsh-The language in which my late great great grandmother had spoken to me

2.Brazilian Portuguese- The language that I learned from my late great great grandfather

3.French- Stereotypically classy, the country has amazing architecture and history, my first non-native foreign language, so of course I would be drawn to it the most.

4.Mandarin Chinese- My SO and I communicate mostly through Mandarin, enough said.

5.Russian- My most dear friends ( whom I have known from when I was VERY young) spoke Russian at home, and the language that I spoke with my first boyfriend ( who was one of my childhood friends and who I am still very close to, btw).

6.Japanese- The language that I have studied for the most amount of time, and Yuri! On Ice, I mean come on. bro.

7.Korean- I speak Korean with my bestie. And Rapmon+ Jimin.

8.Punjabi- Most of my family on my mother's side speaks Punjabi, and it's the language of most family events.

9.Vietnamese- One of my closest friends is from Vietnam, and either way it's beautiful.

10.Cherokee- I am of Cherokee heritage, amongst everything else listed here and more.

And let's not forget Greek. I mean it's Greek, both romantic and bad***


Hmm this is pretty difficult!! but I think I'd have to put it in this order...

  1. Norwegian- This language is germanic, but it's not super choppy, and it's pretty fluid. Also, Norway reminds me of the cold, and just an indescribable feeling that I love.

  2. Hungarian- I watched the Aristocats in Hungarian, and my heart completely melted during the scene immediately after the song "everybody wants to be a cat"

  3. English- This is a language that a know very well, and there's basically an endless amount of ways to express your feelings, including phrasal verbs and stuff. I don't know whether or not other languages have that.

  4. French- French is so smooth and connected, and the consonant sounds sound so beautiful!

  5. German- I know that people think German is super harsh and choppy, but I think that it still sounds very beautiful, just in a different way. It can still convey romance very well and accurately.

I'm going to stop there because I don't have enough experience with any other languages to add them to this list!!

Feel free to add on to what I've said, or tell me why you disagree!


French - Classic, but the way it sounds- literally every word and phrase, sounds very beautiful and poetic.

Russian - The sound of Russian is just amazing- it's so beautiful and sounds so lovely and nice

Italian - Such a musical, expressive, beautiful language!

Norwegian - It's written and spoken in a musical and pretty way- I love the way it sounds; like a song.

Spanish - It's got a musical tone to it and is quite nice when spoken

Arabic - Arabic looks and sounds very beautifully, it's like poem running after poem

Romanian - Sounds stern but in a very beautifully romantic way- which adds poetic element

German - This language has a misconception of sounding harsh but not at all, it sounds very nice and when it's spoken, it's addicting to listen to

Swahili - Kind of rare, but the musical tone of a lot of the African languages sound pretty and musical, and I love the way Swahili relates to that sound

Greek - Similar to the latin languages, it's pretty and has a musical tone to it that makes it sound quite beautiful and romantic.

[deactivated user]

    This my list of the Top Ten ROMANTIC Languages in my opinion

    1. French - When I think of "romance" I think of the sound of French, it is purely romantic
    2. Romanian - I just recently discovered this language and I think it sounds very romantic!
    3. German - My favorite language, which is why I consider it to be romantic :)
    4. Maori - This language sounds like a tropical romantic language
    5. Patois - I love the way you say "I love you" in this language: Mi luv yuh! So cute.
    6. Silbo Gomero - This language is mostly made of whistle sounds. Call me, baby!
    7. ASL - I love the way they sign, it just gives me the heart eyes <3
    8. Esperanto - Even though it's a made up language, it still sounds romantic.
    9. Swahili - I like the flow of this language, it sounds smooth
    10. Japanese - I like the diversity of sounds in this language
    11. English - Very common language, everyone knows it everyone speaks it but still is very pretty

    1. Greek - I think that Greek language is underestimated, it should be no 1. S'agapo etc. Everything said in Greek sounds romantic.
    2. Italian -
    3. Spanish -
    4. French -
    5. English
    6. Rusian Anna Karenina :) All great writers were Russian.
    7. Macedonian Have you ever heard of Macedonian singer Tose Proeski ? Unfortunatelly, he died at age of 26. RIP Look for his songs on google, they are very romantic. (His songs are in Macedonian, Serbian, Croatian and English language.)
    8. Serbian - my native language :)
    9. Turkish
    10. Portugese


    Hello guys! Just a reminder that the RESULTS will be posted tomorrow!

    I will put the link for the Top Ten: Romantic Languages (Results) on this discussion, so please look out for that. Also, you guys are still able to write your lists until tomorrow so if you have any friends tell them to join before the poll closes.

    Thanks so much for all of you who participated!


    Cool topic!

    1. Icelandic- Can't believe nobody has mentioned the most romantic language for me. It is just beautiful and has such an amazing melody to it. And when Icelanders speak English...my heart just melts.

    2. Portuguese- both from Portugal and Brazil.

    3. Spanish from Latin America- I know, I am a cliche, no regrets here. I don't mind the accents from Spain but I think the vocabulary in South America is richer, and the way of speaking is more poetic.

    4. Swedish- gotta love the awesome way they say "yes" in some parts of Sweden.

    5. Norwegian- I have a thing for nordic languages and really like how the accent in Norwegian constantly goes up and down.

    6. Bonus- not a language but I find it sweet when people speak English, or any other language that is not their native, and have bit of their own accent from their mother tongue. It makes one unique and unique is romantic :)

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