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Lingots. Ideas?

From my personal point of view, Duolingo is running out of ideas for the Lingot Store.

Possibly, if this post gets upvoted, and more people are contibuting, Duolingo might have more ideas to choose from. I believe that this would be useful for those who have been learning for a while, possessing many lingots, and also already having everything from the lingot store.

Thanks for all of your contributions! I hope the Duolingo Lingot Store will have more to purchase soon.

September 13, 2017



my suggestions would be:

more bonus skills!! i've said it before and i'll say it again, and this certainly won't be the last time: you can never have too many bonus skills!!

maybe medals? it would be cool to get medals for completing trees and getting high streaks and stuff like that that would go on your profile, so maybe a few expensive ones in the store?

maybe a short section of the tree? like an add on? it would only be like 1 checkpoint long.

an alphabet chart, like one to print out, with all the letter names and pronunciations

just some ideas, tell me what you guys think!! will add to this post if i think of more :D


What if you could buy an advanced tree after you finish the first one for about, 50-100 lingots? I also wish there were more bonus skills: The Idioms and Proverbs one is not very interesting, the flirting one is kind of stupid, and they overall aren't very useful.


I'd buy a dancing bear singing Spanish songs if it were available. Lingots are limited.


Duolingo offers electronic certificate after passing a test paid for 25 lingots.I hope that there will be another situation where duolingo offers hard copy certificate , not restricted to the english proficiency one.


They took the tests away. :(


I think it would be cool if you could buy a vote as to what the next language to be incubated should be. More lingots, more voice as to what the language should be :)


Thanks you 9sun!! I tried a discussion like this, and it got deleted. Hope yours stays. ANYWAY Totally agree!!!


The reason it got deleted is probably because there are literally hundreds of discussions on this topic.


I'm not criticising your comment carm.ela because you're probably right, this is more just me venting my dislike for the current discussion forum setup.

I can't help but think the issue of similar discussions done over and over again, is in part, to do with how arduous the discussion forum is to navigate.

For example, just today I came across two very similar, almost identical discussions, where the time difference between them was only one day. There was quite a significant distance between them in the discussion feed though. The scrollbar on the right resembled more of a square than a rectangle. Most people would give up long before the earlier discussion came along. I hadn't because I'm generally a fairly patient person but even so, I find myself giving up at around the 5 or 6 day mark.

Sure, the search function is there but most people who wouldn't bother looking via any other means before posting, probably wouldn't bother searching either.

I'm also really not fond the current "popularity contest" model. What is popular and what I'm interested in reading are not always one and the same. I'd love to see an option to sort by a variety of metrics, such date, number of responses, number of up votes etc.

I'll just stop now.


I agree completely, I really wish that there was an 'Advanced Search' option where you could plug in extra info to narrow your search like date, title, number of replies, etc.


The only thing I really use lingots for is as a reward for comments I like.....here.


Yeah, same here. I also use them for making wagers, but that just gives me more, and I'm not sure what to do with them :I


Whoever gave me a lingot, you really didn't have to, but thank you :)

I have way too many lingots because two different people gave me 5000 combined, :D but I really don't know what to do with them :I


i could realy use some


special profile pictures would be cool in the lingot store and maybe some more bonus skills. I really support this discussion. Good idea :) :)


I agree. More options please.

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