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  5. "They will not come here."

"They will not come here."

Translation:Oni sem nebudou jezdit.

September 13, 2017



"Oni sem nepřijdou" should also be accepted


Věřím, že věta "Oni sem nedorazí" vyjadřuje stejně smysl věty jako "Oni sem nepřijdou"


Asi ano, ale vžycky jde někde vyhrabat nějaké synonymum, které nebudeme mít. Mějte ohled na to, že je to kurz češtiny, ne angličtiny.


They will not come here should be translated as Oni sem nepřijdou. They are not going to come here at all would be best imho. Btw I'm a native speaker


It is accepted, of course.

But the intention of the course maker was different. Every sentence has its purpose.


Why is it wrong to say "Nebudou sem přijit."?


"přijít" is a perfective verb. those express the future by what looks like a regular present form (and they do not have the present tense). you would need "Nepřijdou sem."


Why is "nebudou sem jít" not acceptable?


"jít" and "jet" are very special verbs. the only future tense they form is using prefixes, "pů-" for "jít" and "po-" for "jet". so it is "Nepůjdou sem." or "Nepojedou sem."


Do the local adverbs have a special treatment in the word order? I tried "Oni nebudou sem jezdit" and it was marked wrong. I have a nebulous idea that the auxiliary verb (byt in the future tense, in this case) must be on the second place. Another question: if this would have been in the past tense and a different person, what would have been the correct form, "My jsme sem nejezdili", or "My sem jsme nejezdili"? (my money would be on the first, but ¯_(ツ)_/¯)


why isn't "Tady nebudou jezdit" accepted?


That means they will not ride at this place. It is not about coming. Tady is a location, not a direction.


thank you, I get it now

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