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"They are families without fathers."

Translation:Jsou to rodiny bez otců.

September 14, 2017



"Jsou rodiny bez otců"? Do we need the "to"?


As a native, I would interpret Jsou rodiny bez otců. as 'There are families without fathers.'


What about "Ony jsou rodiny bez otců"? Would "ony" in this case be enough to show that you mean "they are" and not need the "to"?


Ah - I see, interesting. Thanks for that!


I wrote "oni jsou rodiny bez otců", but it was corrected to "Ony jsou rodiny bez otců". Is not correct?

Thank you so much!


rodina is female, that's why


I wrote “...bez otcove” and was corrected to “...bez otce”. But now I see that “...bez otců” is correct. Are both “otce” or “otců” correct?


"bez otců" is plural and therefore the correct one here (= "without fathers"). "bez otce" would be "without a father" (singular), but might be seen as somewhat equivalent in the given context.


Makes sense. Thanks for the quick reply.


I think otce is also plural and otcu is genitive. I googled I see the fathers and got otce for fathers. So Vladefu. Am I right?


"otce" can be genitive or accusative singular or accusative plural. You have to look for the correct case. In the sentence you googled "fathers" is of course accusative.

And "otcu" doesn't exist, but "otců" is genitive plural.


i was corrected and it said "jsou rodinami bez otců" why is there the instrumental?


Ok. I put "Oni jsou rodiny bez otcu" (marked incorrect) because it seems "To jsou" would be more "Those families are without fathers." or "Those are families without fathers." Where does my logic go off. I certainly understand that "Jsou to" could work here. But I don't understand why "Oni jsou" is wrong. Unless it should have been "Ony" which is just occurring to me now since Rodina is f.


"Ony jsou rodiny bez otců." is accepted. But the main translation will be much more common.

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