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  5. "Do you see him?"

"Do you see him?"

Translation:Vidíš ho?

September 14, 2017


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Why can't I say "Vidíš jeho"? If preposition takes second place, it always should be tě/ho, is this correct?


Sometimes it is just about what is 'common' and 'sounds better'. Vidíš jeho is not completely uncommon (and I will add it) but 9 times out of 10 you would hear "ho". It is, after all, easier to pronounce.

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Well, in Russian it's pronounced exactly as "Vidíš jeho". That's why the question — I'm trying understand what is codified and what is just (un)common usage. Thanks!


But Russian doesn't have a short version ho of jeho. It's only его (jego pronounced as "jevo")

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Yes, but the question was about the possibility of using "jeho" in the second position, where "ho" is used usually.

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