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? about trees and levels...

I've looked around the FAQs and didn't find a real explanation, though I suspect the answer is so simple it's assumed everyone can figure it out. ;)

Trees-does this refer simply to the list of skills we work through? And then, what is a Tree2?

Levels-I've seen it said that you can only go to level 25, but levels really have nothing to do with learning the content, rather they have to do with how much time is spent practicing. (Correct?) So, if I get to level 25 and I'm only halfway through my "tree" do I just keep going, but no longer get new levels?

I know, I know. Simple stuff, but I'm still unsure. Thanks for any enlightenment. :)

September 14, 2017



"Tree" (n., Duolingo) -the organization of the course's skills into rows representing the order of course progression [source]

It's basically your set of skills when you go to the home page. It's named that because in an older version of Duolingo, the set of skills looked like a, well, tree.

Levels - Levels are earned through xp, so you can level up simply by spamming the first lesson or timed practice over and over again. You don't have to by any means reach level 25, although if you do make that your goal, be aware it's very difficult to reach.


I plan to go very slowly and take forever to learn these languages, so I'm not really interested in the xp and levels so much. It is, however, cool to reach Level 2 so your little flags show up, lol.


Thanks for the Duolingo Wikia page! I think I looked at some Wikipedia page, but not that one. I was trying not to add an unnecessary question to the discussion list, but I guess I missed that source. Thanks again! :)


xp will make you level up


Thanks, everyone! I appreciate it! :)


Raptorstrike, I'm not sure where the -2 came from under your post. I meant to give you a +1. :(


I think he's been downvoted by other users. You don't get a new Tree when you've finished, but a 'golden' owl trophy. Tree2 etc refers to updated and revised versions of the Tree, in languages which have been around on Duo for some time. You will still only have one Tree for each language, though.


Here is a chart showing how many xps are needed to advance to each level. Notice how they increase dramatically.

So, e.g. from level 1 to 2 is just 60 xps, but from 11 to 12 is 900 more xps and from 21 to 22 is 9000 more xps etc. Anyone doing the first skill repeatedly would have to do it 3000 times. (Unless my math is off :))


Do check out http://duolingo.wikia.com/wiki/Duolingo_Wiki#Getting_Help. It was created my learners and is pack full of info.


Sorry, I just noticed that this link was posted above.

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