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  5. "Miluji svou ženu."

"Miluji svou ženu."

Translation:I love my wife.

September 14, 2017



Why is it "miluji" and not "miluju"? Is "milovat" irregular or is this colloquial Czech?


You can use either miluji or miluju. Both are correct.

Miluji sounds more formal; miluju is more colloquial.

Simply put, you would probably write miluji but say miluju.

The same applies to all Class III verbs (verbs ending with -je in 3rd person sg.)


Ok, thanks, that makes sense. I've been studying Czech at university for a year and I've spent more than a month in Czech Republic and I can't remember ever hearing or using this form of the first-person singular conjugation of an -ovat verb.


It's also more common in some regions than others to use -i endings conversationally. I lived in Moravia (Zlín) for a year and it was fairly common there, but I was told that in Prague, for example, it would come off as weirdly formal.


How would you say "I love my own wife"?


Miluji svou vlastní ženu.


But never ever miluji svou zvláštní ženu?


zvláštní is weird or special

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