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gerundif en francais avec "pour"?

So with les gerundifs or however u spell it -- can you use them with the word "for" in front? If i want to say "their passion for making brownies..." can I say << pour en faisant > ?

September 14, 2017




en here is a preposition; in this case you can think of it as meaning something like "while". pour is also a preposition, so you end up saying something like "their passion for while making brownies", which makes absolutely no sense. You don't stack prepositions like that.

You wouldn't use the present participle here anyway - French almost exclusively uses them 1) as adjectives, or 2) when combo'd with en, to indicate that an action is occurring simultaneous with another.

I've heard before that "French is a language of nouns", i.e., in French you should generally try to get your idea across with a noun rather than a verb, if possible. (Conversely, I tell French speakers learning English that l’anglais, c’est une langue de verbes.) I wouldn't use any form of faire here - or any other verb for that matter. I would probably phrase it as: leur passion pour la cuisine de brownies.


I would say "leur passion pour la confection de brownies".

You know, la cuisine (cooking) and la pâtisserie (baking) are different matters! ;-)


oh! I'd never heard that, about being a language of nouns, but it makes sense. Merci beaucoup xx

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