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Change in skills practice?

I've been doing Japanese for several months and making good progress. Each day, I'd find a number of my skills (almost always three or more) had ceased to be gold, so I'd hit the practice button at the top of the app and work through them until they were all back. I aimed to keep everything gold, and it's felt like a lot of progress. Then the other day, suddenly only one of my skills was no longer gold. I had done my practice at an odd time the day before, so I figured that was the issue. However, it's been like that ever since. It took about five days for a newly learned lesson to change from gold. I'd forgotten everything. What happened? Is there something I can do to fix this?

September 14, 2017



Because without typing and speaking exercises you'll forget words quickly. I think we need to wait for web version having this.


I've experienced this too - from feast (nothing stayed gold for very long at all) to famine (everything stays gold for days on end).

Btw, I've said this before but it bears repeating: when your tree is all golden, it is not the time to go to the web for practice. There is some glitch where, under those circumstances, you only get three or four terms for the entire practice unit. That gets old really fast.

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