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  5. "Ti muži čekají na Kateřinu."

"Ti muži čekají na Kateřinu."

Translation:Those men are waiting for Kateřina.

September 14, 2017



What exactly would the difference be between this translation and "Those men are waiting on Kateřina"?


"'Waiting on' somebody" has become more widely spoken in recent years because of the influence of hip-hop slang and bad grammar on proper English, but it's grammatically incorrect, unless referring to a waiter at a restaurant "waiting on a customer." The proper grammar in the other context is "'waiting for' somebody."


va-diim is correct. Until recently, using 'wait on' in place of 'wait for' was considered substandard. Even today it would be flagged as incorrect in a university paper.


I believe both are acceptable in English.


Is there a difference between Kateřina and Kateřinu? Why is it written like that, or is it a typo?


After the phrase čekají na, "are waiting for," the name takes the accusative case. Here's a chart of all the cases for the Czech name. https://en.m.wiktionary.org/wiki/Kate%C5%99ina#Declension

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