"The ice cream is hot."

Translation:아이스크림이 뜨거워요.

September 14, 2017

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I don't think Ice cream can be hot haha

[deactivated user]

    What if you fry it :p


    I’ve had it once and would not order again… nasty stuff. Plain ice cream for me.

    The ice cream itself is still cold after frying. The part that is hot is some kind of dough.


    I like the contrast between the warm outside and cold inside. It's similar, in terms of temperature contrast, to putting hot fudge on your ice cream.


    Boi you had the wrong fried ice cream, the fried icecream served here is really delicious..


    "Baked Alaska" is pretty good if cooked right.


    There is an fried ice cream recipe out there you have to scoop some in a ball then roll it in some frosted flakes cereal,freeze it overnight or maybe an hour or so. Then fry it in a bit of oil in a skillet for a few seconds and it's ready to eat. I Don't know how it taste like but I'm going to try it on my own soon.


    Why did they melt my ice cream??


    What is this sentence?

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