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Had perfect through level 5, now my points are all lowered! What happened?

I had all perfects on 5 levels of Duolingo! Now it says I only have 210 points! Do your points go away if you don’t actively keep going?? Help!

March 12, 2013



To mimic your brain, we decrease the strength of the words you haven't practiced recently.


Thank you. I wondered since it happened twice! Thanks for the help.


You can learn more about some of the updates to the skill tree that will be rolling out to everyone here: http://duolingo.com/#/comment/180620


I'm looking forward to these changes. Any idea when they will go into effect?


Something is wrong with my stats as well. I had finished everything above medium and now my scores all show as medium or below. My point total in level 5 is 356 but I'm not sure what it was before.


Same thing happened with me. I replayed them yesterday to keep my perfect score. And today I log in today to see that I lost stars.

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