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  5. "남자가 신문을 씁니다."

"남자가 신문을 씁니다."

Translation:The man writes the newspaper.

September 14, 2017



Maybe the man is the author of the newspaper, so he writes the newspaper


I have the same question regarding the verb "to write". Here it is : ㅅ습 니다. A couple of segments ago it was: 적 습 니다. Assistance please in understanding the difference.


•쓰다 is used when you need to use your brain or write something that need some kind of creativity (like writing a book , novel , letter to your friend , writing lyrics of song). 소설을 쓰다 to write a novel.

Also 쓰다 has something to do with calligraphy. 연필로 쓰다 = to write with a pencil.. 저는 칠판에 씁니다 = I write on a blackboard.

(•Note: 쓰다 has also many different meanings: to be accused of, to be suspected of / to use / to wear (on the head), to write / to be bitter).

•적다 is used when you just write down a piece of information like (writing a note on the notebook, writing a phone number.. )"no need to use your brain"

저는 메모를 적다 = I write a note.


Gosh...it is difficult than learning Maths tables


But in the previous sample, 적다 was used even though it referred to calligraphy. So, which is correct, 제가 메시지를 연필로 작습니다 or 제가 메시지를 연필로 ㅅ습니다?

  • 적습니다 - Write/Writes - Used when writing something where you don't need to use your brain to write it down.
  • 씁니다 - Write/Writes - Used when you need to use your brain or to write something that requires creativity. It also has to do with calligraphy.

I know I've just copied down what wede_hasan wrote, so to answer your question you can use both to write a newspaper. I think so at least.


yes, both are correct.


Thankyou for explaining


apparently 쓰 is writing requiring deep thought/creativity


Argghh i keep missing one "the" I write "The man writes newspaper" instead of "The man writes the newpaper"


Lol thanks to y'all for explaining, i might forget it in two minutes tho


What character represents "a" rather than "the"?


same one, 가/는


What does the "을" after "신문" mean? Why not "는"?

  • 1669

Why not "A man ..."?


I wonder if it's still relevant for you but i think the "ga" subject indicator indicates a specific man, rather than juts a random man.


Cause that does not.make.sense


I wrote "A man"too, and it was wrong answer . I don't know why


A more common phrase would be "The man writes for the newspaper". So how would you phrase that? It just sounds awkward in English because we would say either that or "The man writes the newspaper article."


If a translation of 씁니다 is 'wears' could an alternative answer be "The man wears a newspaper"? I know it is a silly sentence but, Duo is kind of famous for that so....shouldn't my answer be correct?


I wrote 'the man writes newspaper' not including 'the'...and I was wrong!..why?


Because it's not proper English grammar.


Me too ..... but it says wrong ... why? By the way hey army.....


Am I right, that 적습니다 is "skribas", and "ㅅ습니다" is "verkas" in Esperanto?

(I don't remember other languages with the difference betweet to "writes"...)


that's just the same aigoo


So conversely, my understanding is that, 씁니다 is pouring thoughts or ideas through writing meanwhile 적습니다 is jotting down informations


No one person writes a newspaper. In Korean would this imply that the man is a journalist or an editor or is it just Duolingo nonsense that literally means the man writes the whole newspaper like in English?


so 쓰기 is to write but why they used a different verb earlier ?


I write "The man uses the newspaper" instead "The man uses A newspaper" and got it wrong. Really? Both sound weird anyway


When you say "A MAN" it has no definite man that is referring to. It could be a man from there here or anybody.

But when you say "THE MAN" it has a certain person that is referring to.

Try to read the 'Use of Articles' "A, An, The"


Does it also means 'The man writes on the newspaper'?'


Does it really make any difference in "The man writes newspaper" and "The man writes THE newspaper"


"uses" a newspaper, huh


or "writes" I guess

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