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  5. "jiná malá žena"

"jiná malá žena"

Translation:another little woman

September 14, 2017



Lady should work for žena, it's used for respect in English and woman is more of a grammatical word, lady is more common.


In Czech "Lady" = "dáma" https://en-cs.dict.cc/?s=lady

And, also, in English "woman" can be definitely used when speaking about, well, women. Just as "man/men" is used when speaking about men. As in: "There were many women at the meeting." or " The boss is a woman." There is even a book titled "Little women" by Louisa May Alcott (1832–1888). An author who was a woman. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Little_Women


I thought jiná meant different and další meant another?


Both words can be translated to English as "other/another." The difference is that další leans toward "additional" and jiný toward "different."


Then why is "Different little woman" wrong for this sentence?


"Different little woman" is accepted. We had a couple of reports for it that were "stranded" in the system, but none of them came in at the time of your comment. They have now been released.


Thank you so much BoneheadBass for your answer. A lingot for you, don't know if moderators collect lingots, and you deserve so much more lingots for all your time and clarifications :-)


Proč ne "Jiná malá žena"?


I do not understand your question.


Oh, sorry, I think I should have writen it in English :)

I had to translate "Jiná malá žena", so I wrote "A different little woman", but it said "další" instead of "jiná", so my question is why is "další" instead of "jiná".

I hope you understand now. Thanks in advance :)


I still do not understand. Where did it say so?

"Další" is certainly another translation for "another" but not so much for "different". But somehow I do not understand what was written when.


I am also confused.:-(

If I understand your message, it says (1) that you needed to translate from Czech to English; (2) that your English translation was not accepted; and (3) that the system responded to the English sentence that you wrote by saying that you should have used one Czech word rather than another. Can you try to explain this again?


He, like me, chose to translate "jiná" for "different" instead for "another" and we failed due to Duolingo.


There might be a Duolingo technical problem present. However, it would be much more helpful if you used the report button. Normally, the translations behave as they should in a few days and it has been 5 months since the last change. So really, we need your reports using the button, the discussion is not to be used for them and is too unreliable.

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