"Matěj má raději čaj."

Translation:Matěj prefers tea.

September 14, 2017

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Food lesson 8 claims to teach the word raději, but I just redid it and it did not include that word at all...


It came up a little for me, but not in the context of "prefers." The translations kept coming up "likes" for the use of "have"+this word, but when I said "Matej likes tea" just now it was marked wrong because he <prefers> tea.


Raději is the comparative of rad, similar to radši

If you "mám rad", then you like something; if you "mám radši/raději", you like something more than other things, in other words; you prefer it.

(And if you like something the most, you add the superlative prefix "nej-" in addition to the comparative suffix "-ěji" -> nejraději.


Why don't you use the accent is "rád(a)"?


"má raději" is the comparative of "má rád", that means "loves more", "prefers", not just loves. See also the oexplanation by bbrukernavn.

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Why not "likes"


That would be "Matěj má rád čaj." Raději is the comparative form (likes better, likes more, prefers) of the short-form adjective rád. For more, see https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/r%C3%A1d#Declension. If the table is not immediately visible, click Czech, Declension, and then Show.

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