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Korean Course!!

Six days ago, it was announced that Korean course has been built being available in iOS and Android! Unluckily, I don't have either of the two so... I can't wait for them to release this in website!!

Fighting to Korean Team in Duolingo! 정말 감사합니다!

September 14, 2017



Why should anyone downvote this? I'm only trying to cheer the Korean Team. Please understand...

I'm not angry or something like that, I just want everyone to understand....thanks


ignore the downvoting, because they are senseless. We are all very happy of it and I upvoted you


thanks for the kind words... to be honest, this is actually my first time to make a discussion so I don't know this and that about it....thanks!


I'm english speaker learning portuguese but I'll give you an upvote to make up for it :)


(Korean - Japanese) Why computer users are always have to wait :(


Always? You mean twice!

Usually beta courses come out on the web first, and it is app users that have to wait.

[Unless you are referring to Bots and Clubs etc, but this is software development, and they are just putting resources where the users are ... they say 80% of the traffic is from mobile]


oh! I didn't know about beta courses, Now I feel some equality :D , Thanks :)


I think the main problem with Korean-Japanese is the keyboard. The moderators have to add it to the courses so we could type. Btw there were times when courses appeared on the web site at first, and only some months later the app users could enjoy it. Now it is vice versa.


I believe new software is required to teach phonetics at the beginning of the course. This has been implemented on iOS, then later on Android, and we are just waiting for it to be implemented on the web.


I agree with you, The problem of typing is a big problem, Especially for who can't enter the language in his computer.


Oh right.... that's what happened to me when I tried the Hebrew course. Since I don't have a Hebrew keyboard, I have to open another tab for it and it takes time to answer...

Thanks for letting me know! Have a great day! :)


Korean is built in in Windows 10, and probably also other computer-systems.


so you saying if i have win 7 , i can't learn Korean in web ?


Yup. I can't wait anymore.


I would like to learn some Korean as well. I am glad that Duolingo is coming out with it!


I'm so excited! I've been waiting so long <3


Well, it is really available but in the application. Try to update the Duolingo app on your phone or download if you don't have it, then you can learn Korean.


Well, I actually don't have a phone or a tablet so I have to wait :(

Good for you you're doing Korean course :)


Hi.When i started Duoling for the first time...i was like what is this thing?.I cliked on Duolingo and i was overcome with a tingling feeling that i cannot explain..i think it was becuz i love to speak Korean and French and different languages together....So when i heard that the Korean language was going to be released in Duolingo i was stunned! I started laughing and i told this to my best friend..because i don't have any friends in Duolingo. I hope one day i will get a friend. Anyway,im voting along with you guys to make Duolingo better. Thanks for reading this i appreciate your time.Thank You

Cheers to Duolingo and all the people in Duolingo!!!!

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