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Is there a language with a word meaning 1.5 like in Polish "półtora"?

I cannot find if is so I'm asking here.

In Polish there is a word "półtora" which means 1.5 - one and a half. I wonder if another language also have word like this.

Or maybe there is a language which has word for other number that don't exist in most of languages?

In Polish we have also 1/4 - "ćwierć/ćwiartka" and some others as well. In some East Asian languages like Japanese there is 万 but no word for example for million (not single word).

September 14, 2017



English has "sesquicentennial" which means a celebration of something that is turning 150 years old. That's a pretty odd word.


I guess it's kind of cheating to mention sataviisikymmentävuotisjuhla (150 years) or puolitoistavuosisataisjuhla (one and a half century) because the agglutinative nature of Finnish means we can create words for any time period even though we don't have special (Latin derived or anything) words for events like that.


pusāntras one and a half in Prussian


Swedish: halvannan (old-fashioned)


halvannen in Norwegian too. I learned it through best seller books, so I assume it's not as old-fashioned in Norwegian.


Másfél in Hungarian means one and a half.


Puolitoista in Finnish and here in some other languages. I would imagine 1/4 being far more common. For example, Finnish has neljännes, English a quarter and French un quart.

And while not strictly a number, Finnish also has monesko?, meaning how manieth?

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