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strengthen skills is no good?

I'm level 15 on german, up to the 'business' skill. But whenever I click strengthen skills, I get really really easy questions. Some of my lower tier sections do need practice, but sometimes I click strengthen skills and I get words like 'woman', 'girl', 'bread', 'water', 'girl', 'bread and water' etc for the whole exercise. it's a waste of my time. Even when I make a lot of the lower tier skills golden, I still get ridiculously easy questions.

I want to be able to click strengthen skills and update 2 or 3 or 4 of the lower skill groups at once, brush up on those and move on. it's really boring having such easy questions on the strengthen skills option, and it's really boring having to do each lower tier skill indiviudally, and its frustrating not being able to use the strengthen skills button to actually strengthen words from a range of groups.


September 14, 2017



Agreed, this also annoys me and makes 'strengthen skills' feature useless. This functionality should randomly take a number of the my weakest words from all the completed skills. This way in one review I would have words on different levels.


thats how i originally assumed it worked :( but I suppose it doesnt


What you should do is click on the skill you want, and then click on "strengthen"


yes that was what i was going to say. say you want to practice feelings or medical you would just press on that lesson and press strengthen. you are probably pressing on `strengthen' skills which is different.


sory, by 'practice', I mean 'strengthen skills'

PannasOwen: I know, I do this, I just dont want to do this; I want to 'strengthen skills' but actually have challenging words, not just bread water bread water girl


strengthen skill, from what i gathered, takes questions from one lesson or skill, and strengthen that skills alone, i don't know if there's a way to strengthen multiple skills at once.

[deactivated user]

    Once you've got all your current skills to gold it will start to behave more like you want, giving words from a variety of lessons. It also gives you more complex translations as your fluency increases I think.

    [deactivated user]

      It did annoy me when it insisted on working through one skill at a time though.

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