"A wall has cracks"

Translation:Ukuta una nyufa

September 14, 2017

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Why "una" and not "ana", please?


It's because of the noun class of ukuta. It's class 11/10 (U/N) so the verbal prefix is u-. The prefix a- is only used for people and animals.

M/WA (1/2) and other animate nouns regardless of class:
ana = s/he has
wana = they (people/animals) have

M-MI (3/4)
mti una = a tree has
miti ina = trees have

(JI)-MA (5/6)
gari lina = a car has
magari yana = cars have

KI-VI (7/8)
kitabu kina = a book has
vitabu vina = books have

N-N (9/10)
nyumba ina = a house has
nyumba zina = houses have

U-N (11/10)
ukuta una = a wall has
kuta zina = walls have

U (14)
uzuri una = beauty has

KU (15)
kula kuna = eating has

PA (16)
hapa pana = this place has / there is ... here

KU (17)
huku kuna = this general area has / there is ... around here

MU (18)
humu mna = this internal area has / there is ... in here


Your explanations are always sublime my friend


Wow! Thank you. Very useful!


Does that go only for the verb "Kuna" or for any other verb?


Those subject prefixes are for all verbs.

By the way "to have" is not "kuna", it's "kuwa na" (literally "to be with") - it's irregular in the present tense and just uses the subject prefix directly on "with", but in any other tense it's regular: nina "I have"; nilikuwa na "I had".


Thank you! I am interested to learn Swahili, but I have not taken any other class except on Duo. Your explanations are wonderful. Thanks again.


It should also accept: Ukutani pana nyufa.

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