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  5. "This clock is real."

"This clock is real."

Translation:Diese Uhr ist echt.

September 14, 2017



Kann ich sagen "diese Uhr ist wirklich"?


I think in practice wirklich much more commonly means "really", not "real".


Hi az_p, I agree with you.

If I want to say that the clock exists I would say "Die Uhr ist real."

If I want to say the clock is real I would say "Die Uhr ist echt."

If I want to assert you that the clock exists I would say " Die Uhr ist wirklich real."

regards Angel


"wirklich" can also be used as an adjective (see: Duden), so "diese Uhr ist wirklich" should be accepted imo (though to be fair, I've seen "wirklich" being used as an adverb much more often)

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