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strength & streaks

I've been doing duolingo for about a year, and at first it was great! But then I started worrying about my streaks more than the language I was learning. Strengthening is also something that I worried about too, because when my skill isn't gold I get annoyed, and eventually paranoid. So if you have the same problem please follow this discussion and we can think of ways to solve it.

September 14, 2017



There's a very simple solution.

Stop worrying about your streaks. I lost a 900+ days streak. It's not a big deal. I'm always studying and learning my target language. My strength lies in what I know, my ability to comprehend and be communicate en español.

I know a couple of Duolingo users that lost streaks that went above 1,000 díás. They're still learning, and studying. These online tools should not become a hindrance from your language goals. There are many other free tools and resources online.. Have at it.


You lost it, but you proved yourself that you had the endurance, and the product of that still remains in you. It's different if after a year you're still struggling with whether or not you should stay and practice.


You said it! It's no big deal to have a big streak! I've just lost a 'short' 89 days, but dear Duo are so clever at marketing their business that they want us all to get excited about adding numbers to make us feel we're getting better.
And yes, it works, but it's all about loving the languages you're learning and having the motivation to explore all the other 'pockets' of information out there to help you. But I love Duolingo and my goal is to finish my tree, come what may! :)


Streaks and gold bars are just a reflex of your daily constancy and inclination to practice respectively. They're symbols, if you can't keep up with them it might be because you lack those qualities. Of course, there might be other reasons like work or family, but if you can't cut 3 minutes of your free time to practice, what you have to solve is your own mind to see if you really want to learn another language.


My streak was over 3 years when I lost it. Practicing every day is really helpful, but life happens and some days, you don't get to get to the computer. Do you know more of your language than when you started? Perfectionism can stop you from achieving things. There is such a thing as "good enough". My advice is to do things the best that you can, with the time that you have and let that be good enough.


boi im always losin my streak

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