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"We need the names of their mothers and fathers."

Translation:Potřebujeme jména jejich matek a otců.

September 14, 2017



Isn't plural of "mothers" "matky"?


It is! But in this sentence, we need the GENITIVE plural (OF their mothers), rather than the nominative. And... that would be "matek."


That's what I think is hard with Czech, it's kinda crazy!


Is it matek, because matk would be difficult to pronounce?


Yes. In Old Czech you can sometimes find similar words without this vocal, e.g. desk instead of desek.


proč bych nemohl napsát "potřebujeme jmena jejich matek a tatínků"?


Two reasons. The course sticks to formal "mother= matka" and "father = otec". You can get mom and dat and in such a case we go for máma a táta. The system does not have diminutives at the moment.

The second one is, even if we did accept 'tatínek:, nobody would ever mix it with "matka". Once you use diminutive for one, you use the same for the other, because it just simply sounds funny.

Potřebujeme jména jejich maminek a tatínků....


Can't "the names" be "ta jména"? Use of adjective in accusative case from earlier lessons.


Strange. Not completely impossible, but unnatural. I would translate that using "those", not using "the".

Translate the whole blocks, not just individual words and certainly not individual articles. "the names of their..."="jména jejich..."


Regarding word ordering, why is "Potřebujeme jejich jména matek a otců" wrong? (We need their names, Mom and Dad)


Their/Jejich belongs to the fathers and mothers, not to the names.

We need their names, Mom and Dad. is a completely different sentence.

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