"Oblečení mojí matky je nové."

Translation:My mother's clothes are new.

September 14, 2017

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Darnit! I put "my mom's clothes." I meant to put "mother," but would that still be acceptable?

Also, how come this isn't "jsou" instead of "je"?


“Oblečení” is singular. Maybe think of it as “clothing.”


Clothes of my mother are new?


So matky is genitive singular here because it is "the clothes of my mother", correct?


I still don't know, how many "clothes" are mentioned! So i would like to know, how to interpret "the latest clothes of my mother are new." Are those the clothes she is wearing right now, or her entire wardrobe? "Nejnovější oblečení mé matky je nové!" Or is "jsou" possible, as prirucka defines singular and plural. Thx


Oblečení is a collective noun. Like food (how much food do you have, one food or two foods?) or jewellery or many other words.

So it is clothes in general. The context will determine whether we mean the content oh her wardrobe or just some specific items she is wearing today.


And the verb is always "singular" was missing. ; ) Thx


"My mom's clothes are new" should be accepted? I marked it as if it should have been accepted. I dont understand why not.


JimenaDeLa2 wrote: "My mom's clothes are new" should be accepted?

Wouldn't that be “Oblečení mojí mámy…”?

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