Fun Survey!

Post a comment answering the following questions, and I might just give you a lingot!!!!

What is your favourite language on Duolingo?

What is the longest streak you have ever had?

How many lingots do you have?

What is your favourite thing about Duolingo?

And finally, tell a random fact about yourself. ;)

September 14, 2017


Spanish, 385 days straight as of today, 1644 Lingots (I don't need any). My fav thing is it keeps me motivated.....and of,course being free. I was willing to start to see if I would stick with it rather than paying $100's. A random fact is I am nearing 70 and since I have had a major stroke I started it to work the brain and get my finger dexterity back by typing. This is the fun stuff....hardest was learning how to walk again!

That is great. We are never too old to exercise our brain. I am 78 and am relearning French. I was born in Maine and it was my first language. Yes, I am quƩbecqois!! I am a retired English teacher. I have been taking Chinese lessons for ten years. (not very good at it). Remember: Today is the first day of the rest of your life. My husband went through the same thing. Best wishes.

French 27 days 353 lingots It allows me to accurately learn a language for perfectly free, right on my PC in my browser I like macaroni and cheese

Hello. 1. French is my favorite language. I already know how to speak fluently in Spanish and English. 2. I think my longest streak was about 6 days! I'm not very good at that! 3. 4 lingots 4. Its the best website to learn a language. And It's free! 5. I'm from Argentina, love sports, love the Audi R8 and my favorite color is blue!

Ok Elizabeth

lets see.

My favorite language on Duo is Irish.... The longest streak I ever had was around four weeks. Lol at the moment, 6 lingots, because I threw a ton at random peoples comments that I liked today. My favorite thing about Duolingo is Tinycards... I love them. Ugh they're so cute. But I love Harry Styles more. One more random fact... I'm listening to "Hey There Delilah" by Plain White T's at the momenttt

My favorite languages on Duo right now are Spanish, Welsh, and Dutch, but in a couple of months it will be Mandarin. I currently have my longest streak of 23 days. I have 165 lingots, I would have more but I am very fond of giving them away to users who leave excellent comments on discussions. My favorite thing about Duolingo is that there is no cost to learn a language, which is how it should be. I survive eating nothing but coffee, cranberry juice, and chicken and rice. Not kidding, I'm doing all three right now.

Chicken and rice! Yum!

Also, Mandarin might be more like a couple of years since it will enter the incubator in December, and the shortest courses take 3 months, and I highly doubt Mandarin will take that short. My bet is 6 months at the least. But I could be wrong.

I heard a rumour, that had no source, that Luis was going to hire someone to do the course so it is finished quickly. Now that I know it's coming I will continue to talk about it until it is here because it is the no. 1 language I want to see here.

yeah, I think it is unlikelly that they choose to pay someone now. But if there are enough contributing it could be done soon, I would like to see as many as possible
  1. I like them all, but my favorite is French!

  2. My current one! 294 (I'm going to try to get 365)

  3. 315

  4. The way it practices grammar and verbs

  5. I have been to Paris France

What is your favourite language on Duolingo? Spanish/Korean

What is the longest streak you have ever had? 67. It will increase though :)

How many lingots do you have? Too many, a.k.a 4620

What is your favourite thing about Duolingo? That it's free, and it's a very effective method of learning a language! It's not a cheap, bad website, like you'd expect since it's free.

And finally, tell a random fact about yourself. I change the language of my computer when I'm bored.
  1. Swahili
  2. 34
  3. 767
  4. The variety of languages offered
  5. Ninapenda konokono!!!!

My favourit language is French. My lingest streak is 351 days. I have 3241 lingots. My favourite thing about Duolingo is ding the bot conversations. I am a senior citizen.

Howdy folks, could everyone who is saying they are home schooled please edit that out of your comments? Duolingo asks folks not to share their age to obscure the ages of those who are under 18 for safety reasons.

The spirit of that includes not sharing things like school grade etc. Being "home schooled" is a 99% indication that someone is under 18. So, it's gotta go. Thanks and sorry about that! But, your safety is really, really important. And there are also a lot of very young people here (like, there are some 4 year olds here) and we want everyone to help set a good example of internet safety practices. Again, thanks! :)

french, 12, 4, the cards i can be very rude sometimes

What is your favourite language on Duolingo?: It was Vietnamese... but i'd have to say Korean now ^^

What is the longest streak you have ever had? My current one, 343

How many lingots do you have? 2234

What is your favourite thing about Duolingo? Oh wow... That's difficult. I guess the variety of languages here. I do love the community too!

And finally, tell a random fact about yourself: I plan on going to Uni in Australia.

So far, my favourite language on Duo is Dutch. My longest streak is my current one, 214. I have 513 lingots, but I got given most of them. I love FUN Duolingo is!!!! Random fact: I really love sports, especially baseball, hockey, and basketball. :) (I upvoted too!!)

The only other language I'm learning is Dutch. I've used several free, online courses and I do like Duo. I began learning Dutch because, after learning all I could about my maternal Dutch ancestry, I didn't want to end it there and decided to learn the language. My 9th great-grandparents came to New Amsterdam, New Netherland (now NY, NY) in the 1630's from Haarlem, Holland. My grandfather was employed by the Dutch West Indies Company and was sent to America to establish trade between the Dutch and Native Americans. I think an interesting fact about me is that I'm from an all male line of ancestors (800 years). The family name is Van Deusen (Deursen). Someday I hope to visit Holland.

Cool! Thanks for sharing!
  1. My favourite language here would be either Japanese or Russian, I just can't decide!
  2. I think my longest streak I had was 64 days.
  3. I have 372 as of now!
  4. My favourite thing about Duolingo is how it's free which makes it available to much more people, especially children.
  5. I can't fall asleep with my socks on!

Weird thing is, I know a lot off people who can't sleep with their socks on either. Myself included. Weird.




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I play soccer

My favorite language on Duolingo is French, for many reasons I won't delve into.

The longest streak I have ever had was around the 30s... I did not try to remember it.

Well... I have 1688 lingots and have yet to actually use them. I should probably just give them away. They serve no purpose for me!

Besides the community here, I love the style of language learning here on Duolingo. It's hard to explain, but the system really works for me and I highly recommend it for people who are already beginners in a language.

I'm not that interesting... But, I have a twin. Yay? XD And I love anime... And videogames cough The Legend of Zelda cough.

German and Spanish

I had a 750 days streak

I have more than 6000 lingots

I like that Duo makes a hard thing like learning a language easy, as it is broken down to small steps. And it is addictive.

I am a mathematician.
  1. German
  2. 472
  3. 1828
  4. The Discussion stream
  5. 2302 in my username represents my birth date
  1. Fave course on Duo: Japanese (for the reason that it is the one I'm currently working on.)

  2. Longest streak: 994 days

  3. Current Lingots: 8108

  4. Fave thing about Duo: Courses + People + Duolingo's world-changing potential

  5. I have a Wonder Woman phone case

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