"Where does she want to work?"

Translation:Kde chce dělat?

September 14, 2017

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How does dělat ever mean "to work"? We were given three options and "Kde chce pracovat?" was not among them. I've never heard a Czech person use dělat when they meant pracovat.


Honestly, I suppose you came here to learn Czech, so I suggest you use this opportunity to learn that dělat also means to work. If you do not believe it, please open a dictionary first before being confrontational.

dělat ned.
1. být zaměstnán, pracovat 2: dělat v továrně; dělat osm hodin (denně); hovor. dělat tajemníka být jím, mít tuto funkci ....

If you are really not a native Czech speaker, there will alwys be stuff you did not hear, at any stage of learning. Actually, even for native speakers.


VladaFu, moc se omlouvám. I did not intend to be or sound confrontational, I was just very surprised. As I think about it, I do recall hearing dělat, or vydělat peníze, so I only thought of the word "earn", but never work. I lived in Czech during the nineties, and have returned this last year. I use Duo as one source for reviewing all the grammar I might have forgotten. Sometimes I ask questions here so that I don't drive my friends crazy with all my grammar questions. And I do have a tutor and other casual helpers here. Thank you for your patience with me. And it is true, that we will continue to notice things for the first time that have been under our noses forever.


I also don't think you were being confrontational at all. I think some of the moderators on here do lose their patience sometimes and are far ruder than a good teacher would be face to face. I was quite taken aback at the response you got and found it very condescending.


VladaFu, jsem více nad tím přemyšlela, a vidím, že, aby ta věta znamenala ¨Where does she want to DO it?¨, by potřebovala napsáno ¨Kde chce TO dělat?¨. Vybrala jsem správnou odpověď, jen proto, že jíné možnosti nedaly logiku jako překlady. A kvůli tomu, jsem se zeptala o sloveso ¨dělat¨.


Bylo by to "Kde to chce dělat?", příklonka to musí být v příklonné pozici.


Is this also acceptable: "Kde chce ona pracovat?"


It is but it is at the bottom of used word orders. Acceptable though


it should be '' Kde chce pracovat" saying "kde chce dělat"is wrong


please read the rest of this discussion.


Hi I didn't know that "does" wasn't needed hence my answer "kde má chce dělat" Does this mean that one can use dělat to mean "does work"? Thanks


"does" doesn't (!) mean anything, it's an auxiliary verb that is only there to form the question (or the negation in this sentence of mine). You can't translate that...

  • She works. - Pracuje. / Dělá.
  • DOES she work? -- Pracuje? / Dělá?
  • She DOESn't work. -- Nepracuje. / Nedělá.

Repeat for any other verb.


That's made it clear thank you!

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