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  5. "Ni rahisi kusafiri kwa treni"

"Ni rahisi kusafiri kwa treni"

Translation:It is cheap to travel by train

September 14, 2017



my answer - "It is easy to travel by train." It is very correct because the first meaning of " rahisi" is ( especially as adjective ) - easy, simple. The second position has - cheap


I agree. The only thing wrong with your answer is that we do not say "by the train" in English - it's just "by train". (by train/car/boat/plane/air ... on foot ... all without an article)


Thank you and strait ahead I will correct this. :)


You should have written "straight ahead."

"Strait" means "narrow". There is a street called strait in the Bible.


I wish it was either cheap or easy to travel by train in the UK, sadly it's neither... Maybe I need to try trains in East Africa!


I put it is cheaper to travel by train and it was wrong....it means the same thing as it is cheap to travel by train.


It does not mean the same thing, when you say cheaper you are comparing it to something else

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