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Who like German its a great language that i am learning!!! :D

Respond to m if you like German or Germany. :D

September 14, 2017



Hi, As a German I am very pleased to hear that. May I ask you a question? How did you come up with the idea of learning German? I mean it's not a language you necessarily need in life.

best regards Angel

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Back in the day when I was in HS if one was planning to go to university and study science German was recommended, or Russian. Russian did not appeal to me. When I went into the Army, 8 years after HS, I pleaded to go to Germany and I got a job (Lance Missile handler) that was only active in Germany. Since I was married we lived off base and had a lot of contact with the German people. The marriage didn't last but my love of Germans and Germany remained intact.

Maybe I should add that I grew up in Chicago and we didn't mince words. I was living in Kansas City, Missouri when I joined the service. I found the Germans refreshingly honest and I was not taken as a weirdo, but probably more importantly (because I'm sure I did more listening than talking) I found that they said what they thought. Today PC (political correctness, for those reading this post) has taken over. I hope it is better in Germany but I do not know. The fact that I got down votes talking about East Germans tells me that perhaps I went against German PC?


I got involved in learning German because i hear lots of people speak it in and i just find it to be a good language to learn over all i just love it. :D


Die Deutsch Sprache ist meine Lieblingssprache! :)


Deutschland ist mein life man. I was born in the wrong country, clearly. ;)

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