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Who like German its a great language that i am learning!!! :D

Respond to m if you like German or Germany. :D

September 14, 2017



Hi, As a German I am very pleased to hear that. May I ask you a question? How did you come up with the idea of learning German? I mean it's not a language you necessarily need in life.

best regards Angel

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Back in the day when I was in HS if one was planning to go to university and study science German was recommended, or Russian. Russian did not appeal to me. When I went into the Army, 8 years after HS, I pleaded to go to Germany and I got a job (Lance Missile handler) that was only active in Germany. Since I was married we lived off base and had a lot of contact with the German people. The marriage didn't last but my love of Germans and Germany remained intact.

Maybe I should add that I grew up in Chicago and we didn't mince words. I was living in Kansas City, Missouri when I joined the service. I found the Germans refreshingly honest and I was not taken as a weirdo, but probably more importantly (because I'm sure I did more listening than talking) I found that they said what they thought. Today PC (political correctness, for those reading this post) has taken over. I hope it is better in Germany but I do not know. The fact that I got down votes talking about East Germans tells me that perhaps I went against German PC?


Hi Susan, thank you for your answer. I have to admit I'm stunned that German is anywhere required for university^^. I thought this would be Spanish or French. I feel happy about your answer. It's nice to hear somebody loves the country you live. And if you don't mind my saying your german is very good. As far as I can evaluate from your posts.

best regards Angel


you must not forget that there were a lot of East Germans around, so plenty of downvotes are possible.

As far as PC goes, public life is infected with it but you can still talk your mind in private. For me it is better to use a (nowadays) incorrect word in a respectful manner than the correct form of today while thinking evil things. When I grew up, many words and things were free of bad second thoughts that were brought to us by PC. They even cancelled cartoon series on TV because they thought they would worship violence. Now look at the crap they air today and think again ;-)


Hi Susan, hi Hannibal,

@ susan the second paragraph wasn't there when I answered. Thank you for editing. :-)

In my experience here in Germany only people complaining about PC who want to say (and do) things again which shouln't be said because of our history.

Hannibal may be right about the downvotes but I think there's a good chance that it happens because of the structure of this forum. Here is no section for "off-topics" or chatting. So if people read the threads and the theme is not about language, sometimes they downvote only because it's not interesting for them. So don't think to much about it. Your post were polite and friendly.

best regards Angel


Hello RedAngel,

"In my experience here in Germany only people complaining about PC who want to say (and do) things again which shouln't be said because of our history."

If only it were so. Remember Brüderle? Brüderle is a German politician of the markets-friendly FDP. Once, when he sat at a hotel bar at night, a female journalist for the leftish "Stern" joined him there . Apparently she was wearing a dress with a rather low neckline. Brüderle remarked that she'd fill a Dirndl rather well. A Dirndl looks like this ans is worn e.g. to fairs in southeast Germany and Austria:


No offence was taken at the time.

However, one year later, in the run-up to the general elections, Brüderle ran as his party's main candidate. Said journalist dug out the story, "Stern" used it to launch a campaign against Brüderle and soon half of the media, press and governemnt-sponsored TV stations alike, were running it.

There are unfortunately many more examples.


So PC is a huge club to wield for those who lack the power of real arguments. The first intent of PC is good and pure: You should try not to offend others unnecessarily.

On the other hand, alledged PC (or German history or whatever weak point you have) is good to silence many and detour discussions around points you want to avoid. "You don't have the right to criticise them for you called them ..."

Obviously, I am no fan of it ;-)


Hi, I totally agree with you! I also remember the bavarian politican who uses the n-word and said after he meant it nicly. I was talking about the people who rant that the PC forbids them to speak like they want (freedom of opinion). Only because they draw criticism for their "far-right" opinions.

best regards Angel


I got involved in learning German because i hear lots of people speak it in and i just find it to be a good language to learn over all i just love it. :D


Die Deutsch Sprache ist meine Lieblingssprache! :)


Deutschland ist mein life man. I was born in the wrong country, clearly. ;)

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