"Culoarea merelor este roșu."

Translation:The color of the apples is red.

September 14, 2017

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So red is singular because colour is singular... even though apples is plural?


Yep, there are many apples but only one color. Red.


It marks my genitive apostrophe as typo. :(

[deactivated user]

    Could you please clarify for me the difference between lor and lui endings? This topic is really a hard nut to crack. E.o merelor and paharului.


    The -lui ending is used for (masculine/neuter) singular objects.
    The -lor ending is used for plural objects.

    Here are some relevant examples:

    • culoarea mărului = the color of the apple
    • culoarea merelor = the color of the apples
    • culoarea paharului = the color of the glass
    • culoarea paharelor = the color of the glasses


    Why is "the color of apples" incorrect? If it is, how would that be expressed?


    The same sentence can be used to express that as well. It's likely that the course authors didn't think it would be used as a general remark about apples, since not all apples are red, so they didn't include that translation.


    Am I missing something, or should this be "roșie" instead of "roșu" to match culoarea?

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