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Au ecole / à l'ecole

Hello, so I'm pretty new to french and I looked up prepositions and focused on "à" and read that à + le turned into au. Then I saw the example à l'ecole which I thought should have been au ecole because ecole has the article le? I'm confused.

September 14, 2017



école est féminin, une école, l'école (on ne dit pas la école), je vais à l'école

collège est masculin, un collège, je vais au collège

danse est féminin, la danse, je vais à la danse


Merci, I thought that ecole was le :/


Regardless of gender, any noun that starts with a vowel sound[1] should take l' as its definite article, not le or la. This is why au école - it would require you to start with à le école, but you don't - you're supposed to start with à l'école, which then precedes to not contract.

^1 except les h aspirés : every French student's favorite little minutia /s


Indeed, even if 'école' had been masculine, it would have been 'à l'école'.

  • à l'école (feminine)
  • à l'écolier (masculine)


I'm not great at French but I'm pretty sure it's à l'ecole

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