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  5. "The cat is eating the food."

"The cat is eating the food."

Translation:Kočka žere žrádlo.

September 14, 2017



Is there a rule why “Kočka žrádlo žere.” is not correct here? In other cases I saw the SOV word order as well.


"Kočka žere žrádlo." is a simple statement. "Kočka žrádlo žere." is not usual word order. You may say "Kočka to žrádlo žere!", if you were surprised the cat is eating some particular type of food, for example.


“Kočka žrádlo žere.” is correct. It just wasn't added yet.



"Kocour jí žrádlo", proč ne?


"jí" = "eat" used for people, while "žere" is used for animals


But it is not strict, especially not for pets.

Here it is rejected because of the kocour = tomcat.


this a bit too strict; consider Garfield, who is referred to as he, i.e. he seems to be a tomcat, yet he is usually called a cat. In fact the title of the cartoon was called 'Garfield the Cat' in the early days.So cat can very well be translated either way.


THE cat is eating THE food should be translated as TA kočka žere TO žrádlo


In other exercises if they ask me to translate "the dog" and i just write "pes", then it is considered wrong. In the other way, if i see "kočka žere zrádlo" i just translate it as " a cat is eating food"...


It's not that simple. Czech has no articles, but sometimes uses "ten/ta/to" instead -- usually in situations where it could be unclear. If we know which cat and what food we're talking about, it's not necessary to "point" at them using demostrative pronouns, it's optional.

In the reverse exercise, "A cat is eating food" is also accepted.


There is no ta to choose only tu...


You don't need "ta". The given sentence is "Kočka žere žrádlo."


No the given sentence is "the cat is eating the food" and the translation needed to be "kočka žere žrádlo" which I find insufficient.


It isn't insufficient. It is the correct translation. One of the points of the exercise is to learn that it is sufficient this way.

See the rest of the discussion on this page.

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