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  5. "Matěj prefers tea."

"Matěj prefers tea."

Translation:Matěj má raději čaj.

September 14, 2017



What is the difference between "má rád" and "má radějí"?. Is it something as "he likes" and "he prefers"? - Thanks to all.

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Is the way "rád" should be conjugated described somewhere?


Rád is not a verb. It is either an adverb or an adjective (depending on the context).

In this sentence, it is a part of the predicate - "mít raději" and it is a comparative form of the verb "mít rád" = "to like".

There is also a superlative form - mít nejraději.

rád - raději - nejraději / mít rád - mít raději - mít nejraději


The word "raději" a comparative form of the adverb "rád", not a verb. Word for word the sentence would be close to "Matěj has rather tea".


When do you know to use 'mít raději' over simply 'raději'?

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