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"bad child"

Translation:špatné dítě

September 14, 2017



It can be also "zlé dítě" ... You will never say "Tvé dítě je opravdu špatné" -> "Your child is really bad". You will say "Tvé dítě je opravdu zlé/zlobivé".


Yes, I think "zlobivé dítě" would be the best / most natural translation.


"zlobivé dítě" -> "naughty child" "zlé dítě" -> "bad child"


Is it possible to say "zlé" dítě /bad child/ in Czech? Or only "Špatné"?


České zlý je evil, wicked. Zlá čarodějnice - wicked witch, zlý pohled - evil look,...

Zlý ve slovenčině a v češtině jsou dvě různá slova.


Difference between Špatně and Špatné. I dont quite understand the difference between the accents.


Pleace read the Tips and notes of the first lessons and come back if something is not clear.

Int this case é makes the e longer and ě softens the preceding n. But there is more to the diacritics and you have to read the Tips.


hmm, maybe my computer keyboard is bad, but when I entered "špatné dítě", duolingo said it was wrong. "Correct" is špatné dítě... I don't understand the logic.

When I copied "correct" answer and pasted it, duolingo said it was correct))


ďítě is a wrong spelling, the orthography rules require dítě, no caron with the D, the DÍ combination means /ĎÍ/ automatically. See the Tips and notes of the introductory lessons for more.


No, I don't have any ̌ with D. I have DÍTĚ. My answer and Duolingo's answer are the same (because Google gets same results).

Look: my answer - https://www.google.com/search?q=s%CC%8Cpatne%CC%81+di%CC%81te%CC%8C

Doulingo's answer - https://www.google.com/search?q=%C5%A1patn%C3%A9+d%C3%ADt%C4%9B

But there is something wrong with letters. For example, Unicode symbol of "my" š is s%CC%8C, and the symbol of "correct" š is %C5%A1


You are really using some wrong characters, they cannot be accepted. I do not know how you generate them, but you will have to find a different way.

Please look closely at the appearance of your letters:

yours: DÍTĚ
correct DÍTĚ

They are clearly different, they look differently. You have to use some proper Czech keyboard layout, no matter if PC or mobile.

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