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Tips for Keeping Really Long Streaks.

Do you have any tips to keep long streaks? My best is 93 days, and when I was getting close to the end I felt like, "Ugh do I really have to continue keeping up my streak?" So please add tips on how to stay motivated everyday. Thanks!

September 14, 2017



Develop a routine and stick to it, that is pretty much all there is to a long streak. It helps if your interest in languages persists and motivates you again and again to tackle new exercises and challenges, by inversing trees on DL, for instance, or using a first foreign language as source language for a second (target) one. I have incorporated DL as part of my morning routine and make sure to secure my daily goal before breakfast.


And don't set a high goal, if you set a goal. With a goal of one point, it's easy to achieve.


that's what I do too. As long as I get one point my streak continues. And of course I do a lot more on most days, because it's fun practice.


Well, what exactly is your motivation? To learn a language or to achieve a long streak on Duolingo? The early stages of learning for me were the worst as I was learning but stillcouldn't do anything with the language... however, you have to remember your purposes, so stay on Duolingo if you don't feel comfortable with the tree. Later, when the language becomes more usable (eg. when it's possible to learn by watching videos, playing games, listening to music or even writing posts here), it's more enjoyable... at least in my experience. On that note, it's important that you learn in environments you enjoy, which is far easier to do later. Also remind yourself why you are learning.

If you want motivation on just keeping a streak... well, I'm not an expert.


Streaks are a proven method of maintaining motivation across multiple areas, from languages to exercise. Obviously the activity you're aiming to maintain is the most important part, but not everyone is born inherently ready to form a dedicated habit for everything they attempt.

If streaks are something that keep a person going, why on earth would you question or discourage it? Forming a streak can aid in self-motivation, one of the most difficult things to maintain in language learning. It can also help to create those habits that are so laborious to develop--like 'ah yeah I WOULD slack today, one day won't hurt, I'll pick it right back up again tomorrow... but then my streak would be gone.' It's a great way to keep someone coming back when they might not otherwise.

It's insensitive and completely ignorant of how people actually function, learn, and develop habits to question why someone might want help in maintaining a streak. We all know learning the language is the main thing, why else would anyone be in the Duolingo discussion forums to begin with if not for an interest in learning a language. No need to state the obvious.


I think you are missing the crucial point made, despite your pathetic accusations of ''insensitivity'' and ''ignorance''. Personally, it wasn't my method, but in response to ''why on earth would you question or discourage it'', you can't and will not be able to find or quote anywhere where I did. There is no right or wrong way to keep yourself motivated to learn - for me it's video games and metal music, while for others maybe it's Duolingo streaks. The latter is a more viable option in the early stages of learning though.

When it comes to motivation advice for learning (a very common thread), my answer is always: remember your purposes, and learn with enjoyable environments... if Duolingo streaks help keep learning fun, then in no way is it wrong. Now, talking about the particular case we have here: I don't know the OP's levels in the languages he/she learns, and other methods may not be usable... however, when we see the OP writing feelings of: "Ugh do I really have to continue keeping up my streak?", fun and motivation are not exactly the first things that come to my mind. For this reason, actually it is possible that a different approach is required.

Depending on their level, they unfortunately may not have much choice in that matter. Now that I am advanced enough that choices of language usability are far greater (video games are not too strenuous and I learn words here and there, conversing with natives is easy etc), I am enjoying the learning process a lot more. If this is not an option for the OP, then I encourage them to stay on Duolingo with the reassurance that the enjoyability does improve with time, and to keep reminding themselves of their purposes in order to guard their motivation. I really wanted to reach this point and I knew about it from the start, and it was actually a very very strong factor of motivation for me.

Finally, going back to streaks: they might be a source of enjoyment, yes, but what I said is that they're not our primary pourpose. Learning a language is first. If one is here for the streak game, well that's their own, but I don't have much advice. Don't get me wrong, Duolingo isn't in any way bad - I think it's a fantastic learning tool and I used it a lot too, but it's not always fun to be restricted to Duolingo and unable to use the language outside. Learning with music/games would have been far too strenuous for me when I was a beginner in French.

I have NO REGRETS in what I originally said.


My tips are:

-set the goal to the minimum, in my case 10 points because I only use the web. If you have time you can do +100XP, but if you don't 10XP is enough to keep going.

-make the habit of getting the streak first thing in the morning, just in case later in the day you lost internet connection, or something else gets in your way.

-if you absolutely have a really BAD day, you can cheat a little. The ideal thing in a bad day is to do some strengthening, but if you only have 1 minute you can repeat the first lesson of your tree (or you can pick whatever tree you want, they are extremely easy in their first lesson)

-Check always that you have met the goal for the day, after doing the first Duolingo exercise of the day. And if you really care keeping a long streak, check as well that the Streak Freak is equipped (in the Lingot Store)

-Make the Double or Nothing wager, and renew it every time you get the +5 lingots. This way, you have double motivation to keep your streak going.

-Be proud of your long streak, and enjoy the lingot prize that you get every 10 days.

-And above all, enjoy the language learning experience, and the possibilities that open to you when you get a good level in a foreign language.


We are here not to keep a streak but to learn languages. Just enjoy it and don't think of streak. Good luck!

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Not sure. I will tell you once I have a long streak.


I had a 100+ streak last year. The trick for me then was to constantly buy a streak freeze during the short periods where I had no motivation for different reasons. That way I would always have a long streak to motivate me when my motivation returned. I think you need to constantly do Lingot Wagers, because they give you a reason to maintain your streak and they also help you save up lingots for when you fall down. Visit the site everyday at all costs. :p

Right now I'm maintaining my streak purely through routine though. It's gotten much easier since I started using a phone to practice with when in the subway.


If the streak is the goal, then do the following:

1) set your daily goal to 1XP.

2) Buy timed practice.

3) first thing every morning, or at some regular time every day do a strengthening of one of the basic skills using the timed practice. Just getting a few correct will keep your streak.

Then if you want/have time you can go back to either gilding your tree or learning skills you haven't yet accomplished.

3) keeping a streak freeze will help insure your streak if you either don't practice at the same time every day or change time zones frequently.

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