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  5. "В городе два моста."

"В городе два моста."

Translation:There are two bridges in the city.

September 15, 2017



There are two bridges in town. Should have been accepted.

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There are two bridges in the town


The definite article may often be left out before the word 'town'. "I am in town" = "I am in the/this town"


why моста isnt in plural here?


Numerals and nouns combine in weird ways in Russian. In the nominative it look as follows:

  • 1 мост
  • 2 моста, 3 моста, 4 моста
  • 5, 6, 7, 13 or 1000 мостов

The form depends on the last word of the numeral (e.g., 21 is двадцать один, so you use the singular form)

This is a consequence of Russian having the dual number in the past. 2 used the dual form, whearas 3 and 4 used the plural. Bigger numbers were treated like nouns (e.g., "a bunch of bridges").

As the dual number decayed (in most Slavic languages, really), the missing forms were hastily replaced with the Genitive singular; then 3 and 4 aligned with 2. Why? For no good reason; Polish did it the other way round (in Polish 2,3,4 all take plural nouns). The result is a mess you see now.

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Polish and Ukrainian also have dual forms with 2-3-4:
1 most / міст
2-3-4 mosty / мости
5, 6... mostów / мостів

I'm not sure about other Slavic languages, but most probably it's the same


thank you so much! that helps


Why does it need to be "The town" and not just "town?"


“In town” should definitely be accepted. Can be in one of several towns or of a particular one if only one is likely/possible. “In the town” Refers to a particular town. “In the city” means one particular or one of several cities. “In city” is not used. I am a native English speaker, but not a linguist.

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