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Inappropriate ads

I get that ads are important and I don't mind the concept. What I do object to is the content. The majority of the ads I see are scams - i.e. how to earn hundreds of dollars an hour from home etc. I also fail to see how these are appropriate for my 14 year old son. Please can you review your ad providers and request they remove scams.

September 15, 2017



Google puts up all the ads duolingo cant do anything about it you need to complain to google (they will just ignore you)


Websites have some control over what ads are served by Adsense.


Cheers - you'd think a multi billion dollar company that knows all my details including my age, sex and location, wouldn't be trying to sell someone in the tropics fury women's slippers . . .


I think that the ads are often based on browser history, at least that's been the case for me. If necessary, you can install an ad-blocker.


Not in my case! I wouldn't mind ads on stuff I'm interested in. I'll just carry on ignoring . . .

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