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"Let's film a movie at the theater."

Translation:극장에서 영화를 찍읍시다.

September 15, 2017



Let’s make a movie about watching movies!


It’s alright. I made sure to say “no copyright infringement intended” to the camera first. :)


Just make sure to ask permission or that'll be illegal hahaha


Is there a difference between 읍시다 and 습니다?


찍읍시다 is the hortative form of 찍다. Hortatives are used to suggest/encourage/discourage an action.

  • 갑시다: let’s go!

On the other hand…

  • 극장에서 영화를 찍습니다: (I) film a movie at the theater.


Yes. F.ex. 합니다 is todo, while 합시다 is let's do


읍시다 makes the "Let's do it" command. 습니다 is just a statement


You wouldn't steal a car


I keep failing this 1


Would it also be acceptable to say "영화를 극장에서 찍읍시다" ???


What's wrong with "우리는 극장에서 영화를 찍읍시다"? Thanks :)


"우리는 극장에서 영화를 찍읍시다." is now accepted.


Does "찍다" mean take? Can it also be used as to physically take something?


찍다 means "to stamp, print, type". Its not about possession but about putting something into medium.


Oh okay. That makes sense. Thank you!


how come it's 찍읍시다 and not 찍업시다?? From my understanding, there are no ㄱ irregular verbs so to conjugate this I would have to use the basic rule. When the last vowel as ㅣ and there is a 받침, you're supposed to add ㅓ. How come it's 으 in this case?


You are using the wrong conjugation rule. What you are describing is often known as the Casual conjugation. However the verb 찍다 is being conjugated to the Formal speech level in a Propositive mood. The appropriate conjugation is to add ~(으)ㅂ시다 to the stem:

찍다 → 찍 + (으)ㅂ시다 → 찍읍시다


Is it ok to say that? Don't they say "watch" or "see" a movie in Korean? Or is it a mention to something less ordinary like actually going and making a movie with the theater as the film set? Please help as this has been a puzzling example for me... :-)


They are using a theater as the set for a movie.

찍다 is a verb that means "to stamp, print, type".


One of the nice things about Duo, is that there are people like mhin1 willing to help.


Would it be more common to use 촬영하다?


They are fairly interchangeable. 찍다 is more general-use as it can be used to talk about pictures, video, and documents. 촬영하다 ("to photograph or film") is more technical in that respect. Etymologically, 찍다 is a native Korean word while 촬영하다 is Sino-Korean from 撮影하다.

Some phrases:

  • 사진 촬영, "photoshoot" or "the act of taking a picture"
  • 사진을 찍다, "to take a picture"
  • 사진을 촬영하다, "to take a picture", especially during a photoshoot at a studio
  • 영화를 찍다, "to film a movie"
  • 영화를 촬영하다, "to film a movie"
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