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CEFR level of Duolingo French (placement test results)

The question often comes up what CEFR level you can reach with Duolingo. It may interest those of you studying French that at about 70% finished with the French tree, today I took a placement test at the Alliance Française and was placed as mid A2.

The verb tenses I've studied so far on Duolingo are present, futur immédiat, imparfait, and passé composé. I was able to do okay with these verb tenses on the written portion of the placement test due to Duolingo, but I got tripped up on the imparfait in the oral portion. That's where the examiner stopped and put me at mid A2.

I don't know what all is required to achieve B1, but based on my experience I suspect it is achievable through Duolingo if the tree is finished and the material is learned and practiced thoroughly.

September 15, 2017



One very handy resource if you are doing a placement test of this sort is kwiziq, which is organized strictly by CEFR level. Duolingo is a bit all over the place when it comes to CEFR. I signed up for a free account (10 tests per month). A few weeks in, they gave me a week of unlimited tests, which I used to solidify all my A0, A1 and A2 grammar (didn't take too long) and do part of B1. I'm still doing it alongside Duolingo and plan on buying a year once I have gotten up to level 25 here.


Thanks for sharing your experience.

For a much better readability it always make sense to add direct clickable links like https://www.kwiziq.com or at least put the name into bold "Kwiziq" (two ** at the start and at the end)


Did just taking the tests actually help you increase your level?! I know about kwiziq from a long ago. When I took my first placement test, I was half way down the tree in Duo - and I only got A0! But those little self-scoring tests they send at the end of every month are really good for writing practice, and their free videos, listening practice and subscripts are great too. If it really helped you, I will try Kwiziq more now :)


I don't think so you can achieve B1 alone by Duo. Duo only offers a maximum level, if practiced with dedication everyday, an A2. Even if you do the other sections, B1 requires listening skills much advanced which you will have to practice through podcasts, movies, songs, etc. I haven't realy done the test, but my friend who has got B1 told me so. And thanks for sharing about this test! I have an Alliance Francaise branch nearby, and I didn't know there was a 'placement test' apart from the DELF. I will try it now, thanks. By the way, great work! Most people think they can only get A1 after finishing the tree, but your post has encouraged me to try A2 too ( I finished the tree). At such a level, you must be a hard worker!


Thanks! What happened is that I initially enrolled in an A1 course at Alliance Français. If you are anything other than an absolute beginner, they require that you take their placement test to see which class you should be in. It costs $20 CDN and counts as credit toward course fees if you enroll in a course. There is a 15 minute time online written portion and a 10 minute oral examination. I don't know about DELF, but I suspect the test I took is just an internal quick assessment tool. When I left the examination room I saw a sheet on the examiner's desk that had all the levels listed with multiple bullet points listed below each level.

For adult classes, Alliance Française splits A1 into 3 separate sub-levels, each taking around 28 hours of classroom time to complete. A2 is split into 5 separate sub-levels also taking around 28 hours of classroom time per level. Based on the test they changed my enrollment from A1-01 to A2-02. This is all in a Canadian context, but I'm assuming their curriculum is standardised across the globe because the course materials they gave me are only in French.


Thanks for sharing all that info :)

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