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Lithuanian YES OR NO ???

I know Lithuanian and have applied for contributor more than once. And I haven't received a response. I've seen all the discussion about people wanting to learn Lithuanian. So lets hear about it!!!

September 15, 2017



Lithuanian - YES. It is always at the top of the list of languages I am most eager to see added to Duo.

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    The one at the top of my list is easily Klingon. DEFINATELY.

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    I know that Duolingo has limited resources for the incubator, and they may want a few more solid contributors to apply, so likely they are waiting until it makes more sense to add Lithuanian. Despite it being a very interesting language that a lot of linguists/polyglots would be interested to learn, it's generally going to have low demand, as well. I'd love to take a crack at the most conservative Indo-European language myself, never mind the cool history of Lithuania, but not many English-speakers have ties to Lithuania today. But you never know what will be added next.


    Yes! Yes! YES!!! It's one of the languages that I most want to see here on Duolingo. I'm glad to hear you've applied and I suspect that it's just a matter of others joining the team.

    As a company, Duolingo is focusing on more popular/ more in demand languages, so this is one that they would hand over to volunteers. (As opposed to Japanese, which had an internal team assigned to it.)

    I have my fingers crossed that other people will follow your example and sign up to develop the course.


    Lithuanian would be nice. Unfortunately I don't know a single word so I can't contribute. :(


    For those who want to learn Lithuanian I recommend bliubliu.com as the Lithuanian course probably won't appear here so far. But maybe someday.. :D

    By the way my father is half Lithuanian and he spoke Lithuanian in his childhood but has forgotten most of it. Once he sang a song to me in Lithuanian and I liked it. I'm now learning Lithuanian on my own at bliubliu.com :D


    I tried bliubliu and you're not going to learn anything from that or if you do you'll be sitting at your device memorizing lines of text there are easier ways


    I've started my own program that ill be working on. Ill put a link on this discussion as soon as I'm done


    Taip!!!! That would be great!


    This would be great :D


    I can't stress this enough - Yes, a thousand times YES!

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