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Example for ヲ in use?

In one of the later lessons, ヲ, the katakana version of を, is introduced.

I have never seen ヲ used - could someone give an example where this comes up? (So far, I have only come across single words written in katakana; this would need a sentence or at least a phrase, right?)

September 15, 2017


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Having taken Japanese classes, where I've come across it is in sufficiently old writing, when katakana was the default, rather than hiragana. For instance, in multiple classes I've read the poem "Ame ni mo makezu" in katakana.


I lived in Japan for six years and perhaps saw "ヲ” three times. I would not invest much time in remembering it.

If memory serves:

  1. It comes up sometimes in proper nouns....I recall a billboard with the Japanese form of the word "Odeon” ("オデヲン").

  2. It may be used to represent the foreign sound "Wo", which does not exist in modern Japanese, but did exist in older forms of the language (and which is how をused to sound and is still pronounced in some dialects),

  3. Back in the days of telexes, which relayed everything in Katakana, it was used for the "を" particle. You will sometimes see telexes in museums.



I also see it now and then (but still really rarely) in games. When the writer wants to really emphasize a sentence, they sometimes write it completely in katakana, even the particle を.


Thank you to you both! (I am not at the stage for poetry yet - my most recent accomplishment is finishing an Easy Reader Level 2 of "Red Riding Hood". But I will try to remember when the time comes!)


the song tokio funka uses it in it's title (トキヲ・ファンカ ) but that's all I can think of

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