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  5. "저는 누워요."

"저는 누워요."

Translation:I lie down.

September 15, 2017



누워요 comes from 눕다, a ㅂ-weakening verb. The ending [p] weakens to [w] in certain conjugations.

In most cases, -ㅂ verbs exhibit this behavior. This is a phoneme that is realized as [w] ( or ) before vowels, [m] () before nasals ( or ), and [p] () in all other environments.

Some of the few exceptions to this rule:

  • 입다 (to wear)
  • 업다 (to carry)
  • 잡다 (to catch)
  • 접다 (to fold)
  • 뽑다 (to pull out)


is this pronounced 눕 or 눔? Still not sure when these change.


ㅂ becoming ㅁ is called nasalization, and it happens when the next letter is a nasal consonant (ㄴ, ㅁ). 눕다 - > 눕다 (stays the same) 눕는데 - > 눔는데 (ending ㅂ is pronounced like ㅁ due to the ㄴ following it)


The -ㅂ ending is variable for this verb.

For the formal, non-polite, non-past indicative form, 눕는다 is pronounced [눔는다] (root remains the same, sound is allophonic)

For the informal, non-polite, non-past indicative form, 누워 is pronounced [누워] (root changes, sounds as written)

For the informal, polite, non-past indicative form, 누워요 is pronounced [누워요] (root changes, sound as written)

For the formal, polite, non-past indicative form, 눕습니다 is pronounced [눕씀니다] (root remains the same, sound is allophonic)


I don't know about you guys, but as a native speaker I often confuse "lay down" and "lie down". Every time I go to write it, I have to Google the difference. Just can't keep it straight in my head! haha


I've lived in a primarily English speaking country all my life, and only now am I figuring out the difference. (Yes, because of this comment.) Usually I just used "laying down" as a substitution for "lying down" in fears I might think of "lie-ing down"


It sounds like 두워요 to me.


How'd they know???


Can this also be "I am lying down." ?


Why does the ending of the phrase sound like noo hwoh ya? Is it my ear or a special pronunciation rule?


I was trying to guess the answer and was singing Taylor Swift's "I'd Lie " then put it in. Booyah!! You're answer is correct!

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