Two image exercises in the "Family1" unit

I just strengthened the "Family1" unit and want to comment on two exercises.

The first gave the prompt "pen" and expected "beiro" -- could this be changed to prompt "ballpoint pen", please? Or was it really expecting "ysgrifbin"? (I answered "pen" because I thought that word was used in Welsh as well and was corrected to "beiro".)

The second is "cake" and I answered "teisan" which I had learned in another course. That was corrected to "deisen". On the next try, I tried "teisen" which was considered a typo for "deisen".

As far as I know now, "teisen" is the word - it's feminine, so "un deisen, y deisen" but on its own should be "teisen" and not "deisen".

(And I suppose the other course was teaching a North Walian pronunciation of the word, which should perhaps not be reflected in spelling. I've notified them about it.)

September 15, 2017


The answers to both of those have now been corrected:

  • A cake - cacen, teisen - answers corrected to show those with no mutations
  • A pen/biro - beiro, ysgrifbin, pin, pìn, pen
September 15, 2017

Thank you!

September 15, 2017

By the way, Gweiadur uses pìn (with grave accent) - can that be accepted too, please?

(Presumably to indicate that it rhymes with llyn "lake" and not with llun "picture".)

September 15, 2017


September 15, 2017
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