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Issues with Japanese course

First, I love this App, i use it on my Android phone and my son uses it on his iPad. Our issue is that on his iPad, no matter how many lessons he does each day for his Japanese course, it only register him having earned 10 XP, the circle never finishes filling, so he loses his streak all the time. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Please help, I want him to get in the habit of practicing which is hard when it's not keeping what he's already done. Thanks!

September 15, 2017

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Is he signing into a different course on the website while working through his Japanese lessons on the app? If so, he should complete the lesson on the app before signing into a different course on the website. Then, once returing to the app, he should switch the course from Japanese to another language, then switch back.

Outside of this, I"m not certain what might be happening.

Also, I recommend moving your post to the Troubleshooting forum. To do that, don't create a new post. Instead, Follow these instructions.

Good luck!

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